How TekPrep Works!

TekPrep recommends going through the following steps and getting yourself familiar with the test taking process. TekPrep offers free sample tests for you to take them as many times as you like. These free IIT and AIEEE sample tests help you judge your potential to be successful in the entrance exams.


Choose a course for IIT or AIEEE or both and register. During registration, you will choose your own user id and password.

Once registration is complete, you can log in using your user id/password and access the mock exams. see more

2Take Test

After logging in, select the 'Take Test' button from your dashboard. The tests are designed to look like the real IIT and AIEEE tests and the questions patterns and standards are like the real exams. That way, you get the best practice and be ready for taking on the exams with confidence. see more for exam patterns.

3View Solutions

After you complete each test, TekPrep system will display the answers and explanations for each question. It also gives you a breakdown of your scores on sub-category level, i.e. Organic, Inorganic, Physical for Chemistry.

This will help you pinpoint your strong and weak areas. Focus on the weak subject/categories and study more. Then come back to do take more practice tests.



What is the step before registration? How do I know that your courses are right for me?

Take Sample Test

TekPrep offers free sample test for IIT and AIEEE. These questions give you a taste of our mock exam patterns and question standards.

Please feel free to take sample tests for the exam of your choice to find out how you perform and whether or not the courses are right for you. see more